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Why does one get to validate your website on W3C?

Why does one get to validate your website on W3C?

What is W3C Validation?

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) permits web users to see markup language and XHTML documents for well-formatted markup. Markup validation is a vital step towards guaranteeing the technical quality of websites.

Why Validate a website on W3C?

If you fail to validate the pages of your website support W3C standards, your website can possibly suffer from errors or poor traffic due to poor data format and readability.

  1. Facilitate Improve Rankings in Search Engines.

W3C validation helps you to induce higher rankings in search engines. Errors in your code will have an effect on your site’s performance and conjointly create an enormous impact on your sites SEO, search engines check the markup language or XHTML code of your website once looking out. If they realize invalid markup language or XHTML code – that means code that doesn’t follow the official rules, you may be far away from their indexes. If there’s miscalculation in your website code, robots can stop looking out your whole website’s content.

  1. Validation helps teach best practices

Having standards-compliant code is that the best observe for the net style. It conjointly teaches and encourages best practices for the net style. whereas several veterans have learned to create error-free code and make comparatively few validation errors, most beginners create additional errors. pc validation checks will facilitate beginners learn from their mistakes.

“These technologies, that we tend to decision “web standards,” area unit fastidiously designed to deliver the best advantages to the best variety of net users whereas guaranteeing the long-run viability of any document printed on the online. — Web Standards cluster

  1. Improved web site User expertise

W3C valid websites are simply accessed by folks with fashionable browsers. Validation improves usability and practicality as a result of your user’s area unit less seemingly to run into errors once displayed on browsers compared to non-validated websites. Validation is totally compatible with a good vary of dynamic pages, scripting, active content, and multimedia system shows. Attributable to this, websites area unit displayed a lot of quicker and flow far better compared to websites that haven’t been valid

4. Create website Browsers Friendly

Making web site browsers friendly is one amongst the largest reasons why W3C code validation was introduced. Websites that aren’t valid might show properly in one browser however not in alternative browsers. Cross-browser issues area unit moon-faced by several websites. Websites that aren’t valid might show data format issues once employed inbound browsers. On the opposite hand, W3C valid websites area unit displayed while not errors in spite of what browser is employed. There area unit 5 major net browsers: Chrome, Firefox, web human, and Safari; and usage among every one of them interprets to variant web users.

  1. Multiple Device Accessibility

With the recent boom in smartphones and tablets, additional folks are accessing the web from mobile devices than desktop computers. By 2015, mobile commerce can reach $119 billion worldwide and a few sectors area unit seeing a far higher proportion of mobile traffic so there’s a growing would like for web site house owners to maximize the usability of their websites in new devices. sadly, several web site house owners don’t profit from this growth and predate W3C validation that creates certain their websites and websites area unit mobile friendly too. If you wish your website to be visited by as several users as potential then accessibility ought to be an enormous issue.

  1. Validation facilitate for simple committal to writing and Maintenance

Websites or websites that validate mistreatment W3C website validation have code formatted expeditiously and area unit simple to edit and it helps web site house owners to form a replacement page or another new website with the similar data format. The valid code employed in W3C markup language validation, W3C XHTML validation, or W3C CSS validation is employed in future sites.

  1. Validation as a debugging tool

Validators tell you wherever you’ve got errors in your code. If your page isn’t showing obviously a validator would possibly all right purpose you to the reason for the display issues. conjointly invalid code that might show fine in one document may cause show-stopping errors in another attributable to the encircling code.

How does one Validate Your Code?

Validation is comparison your code to W3C standards the simplest thanks to validating your code is mistreatment the W3C validation tools.

HTML Validator:

This validator checks the markup validity of net documents in a markup language, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc

CSS Validator:

This validator checks the CSS validity of net documents in a markup language, XHTML etc.

HTML Tidy is an alternative choice for verifying category pages, although it should not provide the precise same results because of the W3C validator. One advantage of markup language Tidy is mistreatment AN extension you’ll check your pages directly within the browser while not having to go to one amongst the validators sites.


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