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How To Advertise in Facebook?

How To Advertise in Facebook?

Facebook advertising may be a massive and growing business: firms spent quite $9 billion on Facebook ads within the second quarter of 2017 alone. That’s a rise of 47 % (Nearly $3 billion) from the constant amount in 2016.

Why advertise on Facebook?

At last count, quite 2 billion folks were mistreatment Facebook. and those users area unit extremely engaged with the content denote on the network: quite 800 million people like one thing on Facebook every single day.

Of course, once it involves obtaining the largest bang for your advertising buck, large AN audience will truly be a nasty factor. After all, you merely need to pay to reveal your complete to folks that may well be curious about doing business with you. luckily, Facebook offers multiple layers of targeting, thus you’ll focus your Facebook ads on precisely the right audience for your business to maximise ROI.

We’ll get into the specifics of targeting Facebook ads anon during this post, except for currently detain mind that Facebook’s large, world audience combined with the power to focus on your ad by demographics, location, interests, and behaviors permits you to access the precise folks that area unit possibly to need to shop for your product or services.

Need additional convincing? take into account this: 95.8 % of social media marketers worldwide same Facebook provides the most effective ROI of all social platforms.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that near a common fraction of advertisers worldwide commit to increasing their Facebook advertising pay in 2017.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook offers ten campaign objectives supported what you wish your ad to accomplish. for every one of these objectives, you’ll opt for varied ad formats supported your chosen goal and target market.

Before we have a tendency to probe some specific Facebook ad examples and therefore the technical necessities for every format, let’s take a fast explore however the various styles of Facebook campaigns align with business goals:

  • App installs: Encourage installations of your mobile or desktop app.
  • Brand awareness: Introduce you’re complete to a replacement audience.
  • Conversions: Get individuals to require a particular action on your website (like purchase your list or get your product).
  • Engagement: Expose a post to a good audience to extend the number of Likes, comments, shares, or image views; increase your range of Page Likes; promote an incident.
  • Lead generation: Get new prospects into your sales funnel.
  • Reach: Expose your ad to as many of us in your audience as attainable.
  • Product catalogue sales: Connect your Facebook ads to your product catalogue to point out individuals ads for the product they’re presumably to need to shop for
  • Store visits: Drive customers to brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Traffic: Drive traffic to a particular webpage.
  • Video views: Show your video to an outsized audience to extend complete awareness.

Facebook ads: tips and examples

Now that you just perceive the assorted Facebook campaign objectives, let’s explore the assorted Facebook advertising formats.

Photo Facebook ads

  • Facebook ad specs: One image and text
  • Campaign types: All except video views
  • Facebook ad image sizes: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Text limit: ninety characters
  • Headline text limit: twenty-five characters

Note: Since Facebook doesn’t need people’s newsfeeds to be stuffed with text-heavy pictures screaming for attention, you wish to stay your text overlays to but 20 % of your image. (This conjointly applies to video thumbnails.) In fact, the less text there’s on your image, a lot of wide it’ll be distributed. Use this tool by Facebook to envision if your pictures contain but 20 % text.

Simple ikon ads don’t get to be boring. city bookshop The Wild Detectives used photos ads with clickbait-style headlines to trick individuals into reading classic literature.

Video Facebook ads

  • Facebook ad specs: One video and text
  • Campaign types: All
  • Facebook ad image sizes (thumbnail): Minimum breadth 600 pixels; match length to video ratio
  • Facebook Ad specs: One video plus text
  • Campaign type: All
  • Facebook Ad image size: minimum 600 pixels, match video length
  • Text limit: 90 character
  • Headline text limit: 25 character
  • Facebook ad dimension: video ratio 19:9 or 1:1 for all specific campaign
  • Maximum video length: a hundred and twenty minutes

Video ads will produce huge engagement—if they’re done right. A video regarding bread may be, well, a little boring.

Slideshow Facebook ads

  • Facebook ad specs: A video mechanically created from up to ten still pictures
  • Campaign types: All except post engagement and products catalogue sales
  • Facebook ad image sizes: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Text limit: ninety characters

Activewear company Carbon38 found that compared to Facebook picture ads, Slideshow ads saw 85%  increase ROAS and had a 40% higher click-through rate.

Facebook Carousel ads

  • Facebook ad specs: Up to ten photos or videos and text
  • Campaign types: All except post engagement and products catalogue sales
  • Facebook ad image sizes: 600 x 600 pixels
  • Text limit: ninety characters
  • Headline text limit: forty characters (for images) or twenty-five characters (for video)
  • Maximum video length: 2 minutes combined

The knitting and crochet offer web site Kittery uses Carousel ads to retarget potential customers with the product they need already viewed on the Kittery website, leading to 3.4 ROAS.

Facebook Collection ads

  • Facebook ad specs: A mobile-only ad format that showcases multiple product or options
  • Campaign types: Conversions, traffic
  • Facebook ad image sizes: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Facebook ad dimensions: Video ratio of 16:9 (full landscape) or 1:1 (square)
  • Headline text limit: twenty-five characters
  • Maximum video length: a hundred and twenty minutes

When MeUndies launched a group ad, it accrued its conversion rate by forty p.c.

Facebook Canvas ads

  • Facebook ad specs: AN immersive ad format incorporating text, up to twenty photos, and video
  • Campaign types: whole awareness, conversions, engagement
  • Facebook ad size: Fullscreen
  • Facebook ad image sizes: sixty six x 882 pixels (header); 1080 x 1920 pixels (full-screen image)
  • Text limit: 500-character text lager beer

The Montana tourism development  Canvas to spotlight the region’s beautiful scenery and ski destinations and raised their click-through rate by seven.5 times.

Facebook Lead ads

  • Facebook ad specs: A pre-filled lead kind that produces it simple to attach folks along with your business
  • Campaign types: Lead generation
  • Facebook ad image sizes: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Headline text limit: forty-five characters
  • Button text limit: twenty-five characters

How to advertise on Facebook: putting your ad

If you have already got a Facebook business page (and you should), you’ll head straight to the Facebook Ads Manager to form your Facebook crusade. If you don’t nonetheless have a business page, you’ll produce one initial.

Step 1: Opt for your campaign objective

Choose your campaign objective supported the foremost necessary metrics for your business and your goals for this explicit ad.

Keep in mind that for conversion-oriented objectives you’ll pay per action, except for exposure objectives you’ll procure impressions.

facebook ads

Step 2: Target your audience

Remember: Effective targeting is essential to increasing ROI—and there’s no shortage of how to focus on your audience on Facebook. additionally, to targeting by location, gender, and online behaviours, you’ll hone your audience supported the following:

Connections: you’ll target those that square measure either connected or not connected to your Facebook Page. If you would like to succeed in a replacement audience, underneath careful Targeting, opt for choosing “Exclude those that like your Page.” If you would like to market a proposal or

new product, choose “Exclude who like your Facebook Page” to achieve folks that already apprehend your brand.

Custom Audiences: you’ll be able to build your own audience of individuals United Nations agency have already interacted together with your business on or off Facebook. Facebook contains a smart stepwise orientate the way to do that.

Lookalike Audiences: This enables you to target folks that square measure just like your existing most useful audiences. Here’s the way to set-up a Lookalike Audience.

As you create your picks, keep an eye fixed on the meter on the correct facet of the page, that indicates the breadth of your audience choice, and also the calculable daily reach chart.

Step 3: Set your budget and schedule

Next, you opt what quantity cash you wish to pay on your Facebook ad. you’ll be able to select a daily or time period budget, then set the beginning and finish dates if you wish to schedule your ad within the future, or prefer to place it live at once.

You can get into pretty fine detail regarding however you wish to pay your cash mistreatment the advanced budget choices.

Keep in mind that running your ad on a schedule is also the foremost economical thanks to paying your ad budget since you’ll be able to select solely to serve your ad once your target market is possible to get on Facebook.

Step 4: Produce your Facebook ads

One choice is to push associate existing post. If you’d like instead to make a replacement ad, 1st select your ad format, then enter the text and media parts for your ad. ensuring you change to the Facebook ad image sizes mentioned on top of for every format.

Use the preview tool at rock bottom of the page to create certain your ad appearance smart for all potential placements (mobile, desktop news feed, right column, and so on). once you’re pleased with your selections, click the inexperienced make sure button to submit your order, then wait to induce associate email from Facebook notifying you that your ad has been approved.

Facebook advertising tools

Hootsuite Ads

Rather than putting every ad manually, with Hootsuite Ads, you’ll be able to produce and check many ads in minutes, mechanically boost budgets supported performance triggers, and management United Nations agency will produce and edit campaigns.

You can additionally select organic posts to push directly among the HootSuite dashboard, therefore you’ll be able to extend the reach of your best-performing content.


While Hootsuite Ads is the associate enterprise-grade answer, AdEspresso by Hootsuite may be a self-serve social ad management answer designed specifically for little and mid-sized organizations. It additionally permits you to make ads and monitor the results directly from the HootSuite dashboard.

Facebook ads best practices

Keep these necessary methods in mind to create the foremost of your Facebook advertising efforts.

Experiment with audience targeting

Start with a slender audience then broaden it slowly by adding one interest class at a time. as an example, you may begin with associate audience specifically curious about “Napa depression wine tours” then broaden once a couple of weeks, adding “wine tasting,” “food and wine,” then on. That way, you’ll have a decent plan of what’s moving the needle.

If you’ve got an area business, you’ll be able to target your audience with nothing or code. this is often additionally useful if you recognize a selected town or neighbourhood converts well.

Rotate your ads frequently

“Ad fatigue”—or reduced engagement—can occur once folks see constant and too repetitive. instead of bombarding your audience with a constant ad over and over, switch it up in order that they square measure exposed to completely different components of your whole providing. Facebook recommends changing your ad once all to 2 weeks.

Test everything

Facebook ads square measure an ideal venue for learning what resonates best along with your audience, from ad format to image vogue to hashtags to length of copy and tone of voice. Since testing is such a vital topic, we’ve got an entire guide a way to make out.

Use a Facebook pixel

A Facebook component may be a tiny piece of code which will have a giant impact on your Facebook advertising campaigns. Once you place the code on your website, it’ll permit you to trace conversions, remarket to people that have viewed a product on your website, and make lookalike audiences.

We’ve got a journal post to assist you to get discovered with the Facebook pixel: The Facebook Pixel: What it’s and the way to Use It.

Include a decision to action

You know what the goal of your Facebook ad is—but do your viewers? as well as a decision to action (CTA) ensures that the people that see your ad perceive what subsequent step is in developing a relationship along with your company. examine our guide a way to produce effective CTAs.

Use top-notch photos and video

You know what’s a turnoff? hazy photos. Or pixelated photos. Or uptight videos that cause you to feel motion sick. Your words square measure necessary, sure, however, your visuals square measure what is going to initial grab viewers’ attention and make the primary impression.

Make sure you adjust to the Facebook ad image sizes for every format, mere on top of, for the most effective results.  Free stock pic websites will assist you to supply high-quality pictures to use in your ads.

If you sell a product, Facebook recommends that you just strive victimization photos showing individuals victimization and benefitting from your product, instead of a picture of the merchandise all by its lonesome.

Facebook cause concepts

Raring to travel however unsure what you must promote along with your Facebook ads? We’ve place along 3 campaign ways to induce your started.

Facebook advertising strategy 1: Collect AN email

Unless you’re a promoting magician, it’s pretty arduous to induce individuals to shop for from you the primary time you wave to them in a very Facebook ad.

For merchandise that takes longer to sell, email is your relief. Facebook makes it pretty easy to gather new email leads. With code like MailChimp, you’ll be able to channelise automatic emails (say, one email every few days). This helps you build trust and introduce individuals to your whole before you pitch your product.

STEP 1: In Facebook Ads Manager, select “Lead Generation” as your campaign objective.

STEP 2: once you produce your lead type, select fields that align with the fields on your email list. Keep it simple: name, last name, and email address.

STEP 3: Use the tool Zapier to mechanically send email sign-ups from your Facebook campaigns to your email supplier, like MailChimp. You’ll check in for a Zapier account and connect Facebook to Zapier. Here’s an in small stages guide for MailChimp users.

STEP 4: Do a fast check to form positive knowledge is passing between Facebook and MailChimp.

STEP 5: Launch your ad blitz and watch the emails come back rolling in. If you would like to induce a lot of subtle, you’ll be able to discover a custom automatic email sequence in your email supplier for Facebook leads. Below may be a fast email strategy to use. you’ll be able to sequence these emails some days apart:

Automated Email No. 1—Share one thing very valuable that connects to the matter your product solves (example: a food truck may share a map of all the most effective restaurants within the city). No product pitch. Just value. You’re coaching prospects to open your emails.

Automated Email No. 2—Tell a remarkable story that connects to your product. for instance, the food truck may point out however they couldn’t realize an honest Pho/Italian fusion eating the house and then quit their company jobs and created their food truck, Pho gets around It.

Automated Email No. 3—Share another valuable resource (such as 5 mistakes individuals build once change of state spicy chicken at home). No product pitch.

Automated Email No. 4—Make a suggestion like a reduction for his or her initial visit.

Automated Email No. 5—Make a similar provide once more, however, tell a remarkable and helpful story because of the lead.

The goal is usually the same: train individuals to open your emails by giving valuable content then build the occasional product pitch.

The Milwaukee team used this strategy to spice up its commutation ticket sales. The team ran lead ads targeted to Custom Audiences of past commutation ticket holders, fans of their Facebook Page, and different existing leads.

They additionally used lookalike audiences shapely on current commutation ticket holders, whereas excluding current price ticket holders in order that they wouldn’t waste ad exposure on people that had already purchased their tickets.

Finally, they used interest targeting (sports fans) and site targeting {to build|to form|to create} positive people that saw the ads would have an interest within the team and ready to make it to the games if they bought tickets.

The collected leads went directly into the team’s CRM and embarked on a series of emails. once the e-mail series, sales reps followed up personally with people who had not bought tickets.

The results? The team saw a 25% higher email open rate than usual and quite double their usual email click-through rate, with 33% of leads shopping for the publicized price ticket packages and twenty shopping for upgraded tickets.

Facebook advertising strategy 2: Convert a proved  piece of content into a video ad

Every whole incorporates a few killer items of content that drive the lion’s share of traffic every month. Adapting that content into a brief video geared toward Facebook audiences may be excellent thanks to repackaging high content for Facebook ads.

STEP 1: Distill the key concepts from your content piece into some key points you’ll be able to categorical in very few words every, or place confidence in ways in which to convey similar key messages through your visuals. certify your decision to action matches your video content.

STEP 2: Use one among these social video tools to form your video, or produce a slideshow video ad in Facebook Ads Manager.

STEP 3: In Facebook Ads Manager, choose “Video Views” as your campaign objective. transfer your video on to Facebook and push the campaign live.


Facebook advertising strategy 3: Drive an instantaneous sale

If you’ve got an honest product, there’s no reason why Facebook can’t generate direct sales. however once posing for an instantaneous sale, you would like trust—so if you’re AN unknown whole with AN untested product, it’s most likely best to check the initial 2 Facebook advertising ways first.

If you’re assured that folks can get your product directly from a Facebook ad and you’ve got a proved product with sales, check this strategy and be sure to live your results.

STEP 1: In Facebook Ads Manager, choose “Conversions” as your campaign objective.

STEP 2: Next, Facebook can raise you which of the sort of conversion event you would like to trace, like adding merchandise to a pushcart or adding payment data. Since you’re attempting to drive an instantaneous sale, choose “Purchase.” You’ll install a Facebook component to trace a traveller from your Facebook ad all the manner through your pushcart method to buy.

STEP 3: produce your ad with the easy and clear copy. What does one provide and the way is it different? offer individuals a reason to shop for from this specific ad. for instance, perhaps you bundle another product as a freebie, or embrace a coaching webinar. you would like individuals to prevent what they’re doing and click on from your ad to your pushcart.

STEP 4: Wait and track. offer your campaign a minimum of a period before creating any changes to repeat or artistic. looking on your traffic volume, this could provide you with enough knowledge to form an informed call regarding what’s operating, or what changes you would possibly need to check.

Charge Cords used Facebook ads to drive direct sales from new customers, victimization Custom Audiences to exclude people that had already bought from them within the last six months. They used Carousel ads with attention-getting product shots and compelling ad copy, alongside a store currently call-to-action button. because the campaign continuing, they updated the Custom Audience to focus on people that had visited the Charge Cords web site.

The campaign resulted in a very fourfold increase in sales from the targeted countries, and a fourfold come back on ad pay.

Get Hootsuite’s Advanced Social Advertising coaching and certification and prove you recognize your stuff.


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