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91 Point Guide to Achievement In Adword Audit

91 Point Guide to Achievement In Adword Audit

AdWords is advanced. initial time users that open up associate AdWords account desire they’re gazing the controls for a space vehicle. The many choices and settings will be overwhelming. So, it’s comprehensible that generally individuals miss things once running associate AdWords campaign.

It’s not simply AdWords newbies that have this downside. Even veteran users will generally get too comfy and miss a little detail if they aren’t keenly aware that they may be missing one thing.

We tend to run even our senior account managers through coaching programs and use a system of listing to form positive we tend to keep a watch on everything.

Adword expert role is to review AdWords accounts for potential purchasers and partners to indicate all of them the ways in which they may be recuperating performance out of their campaigns. I’ve seen all kinds of low hanging fruit opportunities, minor mistakes, and some major mistakes…

This journal post is meant to hide all of the items that review in accounts audit in Adword.

So, while not more ado…

Alignment of Goals

It all begins with goals. you’ll be doing everything listed in this journal associated still not have an AdWords campaign that’s playing well. So, before starting any audit, raise yourself: What’s the goal? perhaps you wish to extend conversions or even you wish to drop your accountant. In either case, confirm you recognize what success sounds like for your brand/company, specifically.

Trends to bear in mind Of

Before diving into the technical details, you must perceive your trend lines. however, has performance modified and over what time period? You don’t wish to seem at a date vary that’s too little (a few days or 2-3 weeks) since there won’t be enough knowledge to essentially draw conclusions from. At constant time, don’t choose too long of a timeline (3+ months), since there are too several variables and changes to think about in this timeframe. for instance, if your conversion pursuit, business goals, or website had a big amendment.


The first factor try to perceive once gazing an account is, however, is it organized? All accounts ought to have some style of logical organization thereto. If the account structure is chaotic then the results and management of the account are in all probability chaotic furthermore.

Campaign Themes

Running a palmy campaign needs segmentation and graininess so as to be precise once creating changes and decoding knowledge. Campaigns ought to be a course supported the theme, location, services, or goals. If you are trying to place all of your ad teams into one or 2 campaigns, you can’t exercise enough management.

Besides simply giving your campaigns a logical hierarchy, segmenting your campaigns offers you larger management over your budget and settings. for instance, you wish to stay the budget of associate experimental campaign low, however, you wish to form positive your core service campaign forever includes a budget.


Geographic campaigns are necessary if you wish to be able to manage settings like language and schedule. If you have got one campaign that’s targeting many countries, you can’t effectively manage your bidding for the zone of that country or probably the various styles of search terms and native competition your campaigns might expertise in those countries/regions.


Along with the theme of your campaigns, confirm your campaigns are solely targeting one network quickly. If you’re running search campaigns with display additional, you’re holding your search ads lose on the display network. detain mind traffic temperature will vary between the 2 networks.

Branded Campaigns

Are you dominant your complete keywords? Not each company must use PPC for his or her branded terms–but if your competitors are bidding on your name, you certainly got to be owning the highest position.

Single Keyword Ad teams (SKAGs)

We’ve written extensively concerning the SKAG structure. If your account isn’t found out with our greatest practices for SKAGs then you have got a significant structural downside along with your account. after we implement SKAGs for our purchasers, we tend to see CTR go up, CPC goes down, and accountant goes down. to not mention all of the advantages that associate with a lot of granular management of bidding, ads, negative keywords, and search terms.

Ads Per Ad cluster

The Linosyris vulgaris zone for the number of ads per ad group can rely upon the campaign and goals–but if you merely have one ad in your ad group you’re not testing something (a big no-no). At constant time, if you have got 4+ ads in an advert group, you’ll be ripping your traffic up to a lot of. this implies that you simply can’t quickly check your ideas/iterations.

AdWords Audit Basics

Now that we’ve coated the high-level belongings you will see in the associated account at a look, let’s mention some basic items that ought to be coated.

Spelling and synchronic linguistics

This is a no-brainer. confirm you utilize correct orthography and synchronic linguistics for your text and image ads. Not solely will an absence of correct orthography and synchronic linguistics look inexpert, it conjointly shows an absence of careful attention within the account. That being aforementioned, generally, you’ll be able to bend the principles a little bit once you’re making an attempt to satisfy character length limits or create ads that are designed to induce clicks. Also, please forgive any orthography or synchronic linguistics problems during this journal post.

Conversion tracking

I can’t magnify the importance of conversion pursuit. If you don’t have conversion pursuit properly found out then nearly all of your account knowledge is useless and you would possibly furthermore lightweight your ad pay budget flaming.

Unfortunately, I usually see conversion pursuit not setup properly or not pursuit the proper metrics. once you open the conversions page on AdWords, you’ll see an inventory of conversion action.

First, check up on the names (obviously these ones are blurred out). The naming ought to be an honest descriptor of the conversion action.

Next, check up on the supply. This tells you wherever the conversion action is being sent from. a slip generally see is that you’ll have conversion pel foreign from Google Analytics furthermore as associate AdWords conversion pel for constant ACTION. this can cause double investigating of conversions if each is being enclosed in conversions. Obviously, if “Included in Conversions” is turned off, you don’t get to worry concerning this.

The category doesn’t have an effect on the pursuit and is a lot of used for coverage and organization. standing is pretty self-explanatory–but it’s to allow you to grasp if the conversion pel is even being employed presently, inactive, or unproven.

The count will be vital. If you’re associate e-commerce look or constant user will complete a conversion action multiple times, you wish to count each conversion. However, a lead information consumer usually solely needs to count a submission or telephony from the constant user once.

Conversion window will be tough betting on the sort of sales funnel you have got. Put simply, the conversion window is however long a conversion will be attributed to a primary click via PPC. once it involves attribution modeling, you wish to use Google Analytics or the same omnichannel pursuit system to decipher what impact AdWords has on your promoting equipment. That being aforementioned, for optimizing associate AdWords account, you usually wish that pel to last as long because it will to induce a lot of conversion knowledge into your system.

Ideally, you must solely embrace in “Conversions” your actual campaign goals or what’s thought-about a valuable conversion for your business. That being aforementioned, you’ll be able to add small conversions for pursuit functions here and simply not embrace them in your conversion modeling.

With the exception of conversion actions, you wish to trace anytime (eCommerce or multiple transactions). A high repeat rate may be a red flag. this might be a user failing an indication of the method or submitting multiple sets of lead info. If you see a high repeat rate, you’ll get to dig deeper.

Finally, the very last thing I rummage around for is that the All Conv price. For eComm, you wish to countercheck that the particular bucks listed in AdWords match what you’re seeing in Google Analytics or your eComm platform. a little quantity of variation is traditional (because of variable attributions)–but if the amount is far off, you’ll be got to dig deeper once more. sometimes, purchasers can set a selected price for a conversion action. This helps for equalization a campaign wherever sure conversion actions are “worth” a lot of. This sometimes suggests that you manage the account with a lot of attention on ROAS as a critical price per conversion.

Hopefully, that offers you an honest primer on conversion pursuit. you’ll be able to decide a lot of concerning conversion pursuit from Google. Sometimes, if you raise nicely, Google can even assist you to set this up.


Rarely, if ever, can you have got a 100% conversion rate. So, it’s necessary to try and do your best to recapture those guests that clicked, however ne’er regenerate. this is wherever remarketing campaigns can keep your company high in mind for up to 540 days when you’ve born a cookie on their device. There are various advanced methods for remarketing we’ve written concerning. whether or not you’re exploitation the display Network or Search Network for remarketing (RLSA), you would like to be considering your non-converting clicks.

Ad Extensions

When exploitation the Search Network, you wish to maximise your CTR. a method to try and do this can be to form positive that your ad is that the biggest one with the foremost information/reasons for somebody to click on that. That’s wherever ad extensions will facilitate. you must try and use each ad extension that produces sense for your ad to use. you’ll be able to read more here.

Bid Strategy

Google offers some totally different bidding strategies:

Google includes a breakdown of the various styles of bidding methods and what they are doing. If you’re trying to go away your account on slightly a lot of an autopilot strategy, generally exploitation an automatic Bid strategy will be. Our Client prefers to use a Manual CPC strategy. Why you ask? as a result of Google can increase bids on your keywords if they suppose a conversion is a lot of doubtless, with no bid limit (used to be 30%).

The question is: “If we tend to already grasp our ideal keywords, have our bidding changes in situ and manage our average positions, why would we like to extend the bid when we would get the conversion anyway?” as a result of we tightly manage our keywords and that we prefer to be up to the mark. however, I’m positive someday, the Google algorithmic program can trounce us.

Targeting Settings

Let’s switch to targeting settings. It’s necessary to form positive your ads ar revelation within the right places to the proper individuals. the primary factor in the line is your location targeting.


Make sure your ads are targeting the proper countries, states, or cities. Rarely, if ever, do you have to have your campaigns targeted in any respect countries and territories. It’s higher to structure your campaigns at a rustic or a minimum of continent level for a lot of granular management.

Be careful to stay a watch on the “location choices” settings beneath advanced options that may target searchers that show interest in your targeting location. If you’re set for interest targeting, it implies that you’ll have searchers from Balkan country or anyplace else within the world that sorts your keyword and country or maybe finding out unrelated keywords in this country or space even if they aren’t physically there.

Keep in mind, you’ll be able to conjointly exclude explicit areas.


This one ought to be pretty obvious, however, you must use the language your target prospects speak. However, we’ve found that keeping your campaigns set to “All Languages,” can really increase your impressions. this can be as a result of AdWords can use the browser language setting to work out that ads to indicate. So, if somebody is finding out a word in English, however, has the browser set to Spanish, your English solely campaign won’t seem.


When are your ads showing? If you have got a business that primarily drives calls with their AdWords campaign, will it be smart to run ads throughout off business hours? normally, I’d advocate making an attempt to induce conversions any approach you’ll be able to 24/7–but for a few business, it’ll be to show off ads throughout explicit times.


You have to be good along with your cash. you’ll be able to decide what quantity of cash you wish to pay on a per campaign basis. the primary factor I rummage around for is that if any high playing campaigns are restricted by budget. If you have got a campaign that’s not playing well, I don’t advocate simply turning down the budget, unless you’re making an attempt to balance your budget portfolio. If a campaign is underperforming it desires works, wasting less cash is arguably higher than wasting more–but you must address the matter, not simply lower the budget.

Another factor to seem out for is that the delivery technique. you’ll be able to select 2 choices “accelerated” or “standard.”

If your goal is to induce the most range of impressions, you must use accelerated. If you’re making an attempt to disembarrass your budget over the day, you’ll be able to decide customary to own AdWords mechanically throttle your ads showing.

Analytics Setup

This is associate AdWords journal post, therefore I won’t move into details concerning all of the items you’ll be able to do with Google Analytics–but linking your AdWords account to your analytics account may be a should. Not just for the flexibility to try and do correct remarketing, however conjointly to simply setup conversion pursuit that may match your Analytics account. once you’re doing PPC across multiple channels, you would like Analytics to know your cross-channel attributions. Here’s a post we tend to wrote concerning Google Analytics.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords will be applied to the campaign and ad cluster level. you’ll be able to conjointly use lists to assist maintain negative keywords across your account. Here’s the fun infographic we tend to wrote to inform you plenty a lot of concerning negative keywords. I usually look to examine if there are opportunities to feature negative keywords that would facilitate campaigns.

Campaign URL Settings

By default, you’ll be able to have AdWords embrace basic info concerning the address they clicked on. this can be known as car tagging and within the new interface, will be found beneath your account settings.

Auto-tagging can assist you to track the GCLID of your guests and provides you keywords info and alternative details. If you wish to induce plenty a lot of info from your address parameters as well as custom parameters, you’ll be able to add those at the campaign or account level.

Landing Pages

If you are doing a complete account audit while not gazing the landing pages, you’re causing your traffic to, you’re missing half the equation of a palmy campaign. This journal post is concerning auditing AdWords although, therefore I’ll direct you to our huge library of landing page best practices.

Metrics That Matter

Now that the fundamentals are coated, let’s go a little deeper. Next, I need to speak concerning gazing the metrics that truly matter.


All of the metrics you’ll be able to find in AdWords are secondary to the present one truth, this one guiding northern star metric. What’s your come back on investment? what quantity cash are you creating when golf stroke cash in?

If the account you’re auditing is the wrong way up then you’ll get to create major changes or simply abandon Google PPC in its entireness. If the bucks are onerous to trace, you would like to figure in pursuit the performance of your PPC campaigns and the way they have an effect on your bottom line. If you’re obtaining tons of or thousands of conversions, however, none of these are turning into actual sales/dollars then your PPC campaign is doomed. Sometimes, the approach you deliver the goods ROI is by increasing your conversions (scaling) or dropping your accountant (optimizing). What makes a lot of sense for your business?

Conversion Volume

Be sure you recognize that conversion action you’re pursuing. Then, take a glance at what percentage conversions you’re of age monthly/weekly/daily basis and from that campaigns they’re returning from. If you’re not growing your conversion volume monthly then you’re stagnant. What are you able to an amendment in your account so as to extend that volume? Impressions? Clicks? Conversion Rate? All of the above?

Cost / Conv

If your price per conversion is simply too high then your AdWords campaign isn’t property. There are various ways in which to scale back your price per conversion. you’ll be able to begin by eliminating wasted pay. glance through your campaigns to know that campaigns are dragging down your performance, so hammer in deeper to examine what keywords ought to be paused or altered. Lower your soap bids whereas increasing your quality score. take care to stay an in depth eye on your search terms to examine what’s very operating.

If you price per conversion is during a great spot then your focus ought to be a lot of on increasing your conversion volume. you’ll be able, to begin by increasing your keyword pool.

Deep Dive Metrics and Settings (Uhum, vainness Metrics)

So, currently, we tend to come back to the deep dive portion of our post. be at liberty to require an occasion if you’ve scanned this way and go get some low.

I consult with plenty of those metrics to follow as vainness metrics–because normally, there’s no “good” range. you would like to stay your eyes on the metrics that matter (previously mentioned). That being aforementioned, you’ll be able to still see wherever enhancements are doable here:

CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

For CTR, obviously, a lot of the merrier. once you’re deciding the performance of ads, you must largely simply contemplate the relative CTR to alternative ads of a constant kind and what competitor you’ll be able to produce to extend your CTR. Another indicator that your CTR must be raised is by gazing your quality score factors. If your expected CTR is low, this might be improved.

CPC / Max Bid

Bids and CPC are largely addicted to the keywords you’re bidding on and can vary by business. once making an attempt to know if your bids are within the right spot, it depends on plenty of factors:

1) What’s your CPA?

2) Your average position?

If you view your CPC is simply too high, there are many ways in which to scale back it.

Average Positions

You don’t forever have to be compelled to be position one. Sometimes, maintaining an edge two or three will offer you a lot of conversions at a higher accountant. For the foremost half, you would like to follow the information on this. Obviously, if you’re below an edge four then the number of impressions you’re reaching to get are terribly low.

Geographic Bid changes

Setting a max bid then targeting a rustic isn’t enough. you would like to use geo bid modifiers so as to effectively vie for bids on a  lot of granular levels. you’ll be able to do bidding changes at the state, city, code level, and more. you’ll realize as you granulate your locations that sure cities or areas are chargeable for most of your conversions whereas others are simply wasting your pay.

Household financial gain changes

Did you recognize that you simply will regulate your bids supported the home financial gain of searchers within the particular places? Say what you’ll concern your personal money knowledge being sold on the Internet–but for our marketers, this can be nice. you’ll be able to realize the flexibility to try and do these changes within the Demographics tab of your campaign.

Ad Schedule changes

Another way to regulate your bids is by time. What time of day does one get the foremost conversion at the most effective CPA? If you check up on your predefined reports (formerly dimensions) screen and review breakdown by hour of the day, you’ll be able to see what times work best. you have got the choice of fully turning off your ads or dynamic the bid adjustment to undertake and maximize your performance.

Device Bid changes

Do you get a lot of conversions on mobile, desktop, or tablet? With device bid changes, you’ll be able to higher management your bidding supported device. In some cases, you’ll realize that you simply got to fully exclude mobile or desktop traffic. you’ll be able to conjointly produce campaigns that are targeted for a selected device if you would like to higher management the ads and landing pages that are saw per device.

Impression Shares

Impression share isn’t a metric you must be reaching to improve, however, it will offer you insight into the number of the runway you have got to extend the number of impressions you’ll be able to get support your current keyword targets. If you have got associate impressions share over eightieth, you aren’t reaching to get way more volume of impressions. Thus, you must focus a lot of on CTR and conversion rate. If your impression share is a smaller amount than half-hour then you would like to extend your average positions and find a lot of traffic.

RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads)

I’ve saved the most effective for last here. RLSA is sort of a superpower for the Search Network, it permits you to try and do bidding changes and exclusions supported your remarketing audiences AND Google’s similar audiences. If you aren’t exploitation RLSA on your Search campaigns in a minimum of a bid solely mode, you’re missing a complete dimension of bidding management. you’ll be able to scan in all probability the most effective journal post written concerning RLSA here.

Deep Dive Into Ads Auditing

Let’s mention auditing ads. This post can offer you some things to require a glance at, however experience during ads in a deep subject. So, let’s try and not drift.

Quality Score

Anyone who has scan our journal is aware of however we tend to feel concerning quality scores. To summarize, you shouldn’t concentrate on quality score metrics over alternative a lot of necessary metrics. If you wish to know what your quality score metric is on a specific keyword, you simply got to hover over your standing of the keyword to induce a tooltip.

Ad Copy

We’ve written extensively concerning ad copy. So, since this journal is long enough, we tend to don’t got to get into an excessive amount of detail here. straightforward things to examine is that if the ads are relevant to the keywords and search terms within the ad group. this is one thing wherever single keyword ad teams can go protracted thanks to serving to you raise your quality score. That being aforementioned, concentrate on your conversion rates and click on through rates.

Ad Rotations

If you’re A/B testing your ads (spoiler alert, you must be) then you would like to form positive you’re causing enough traffic to every variant of your ads. confirm that your ad rotation setting in your campaigns is about to “Rotate Indefinitely” vs “Optimized”. once you opt for the Optimized path, Google goes to choose a winner for you and stop causing traffic to your competitor ad. Let personalities decide the results…for currently.

Banner Sizes

If you’re running show campaigns, confirm you’re not limiting your accessible impressions by not having all the sizes needed to suit banners of various dimensions. If you’re exploitation AdWords responsive ad creator, it’ll cowl plenty of sizes for you at once–but you’ll have the higher management of your style if you produce the varied sizes separately. Those sizes are here.


If you’ve created it this way, bravo, we’ve coated plenty of points to examine in your account. These next things are belongings you will review which will not be essential to the success of your campaign, however ar smart house cleansing notwithstanding.

Account Activity

Account activity is essentially a history of changes within the account, therefore you’ll be able to get a grieve what quantity work is being done. If you’re directly managing the account, you most likely don’t care concerning this info in any respect. If you’re auditing office or worker then this becomes an awfully attention-grabbing report back to check up on.

Display Automatic Placements

If you’re exploitation any targeting apart from placements then you would like to regulate wherever your ads are being shown. once reviewing the automated placements or “Where Ads Showed” screen, you’ll be able to see what percentage clicks and impressions you’re obtaining from varied sites and apps.

IP Exclusions

Worried concerning competitors clicking on your ads? distressed concerning workers clicking on your ads? you’ll be able to stop this issue from exploitation information processing exclusions. Here’s some way you’ll be able to realize the information processing address of your competition domains.


Automation will be as easy as bid automation, and as refined as custom AdWords Scripts that permit you to automatize the key sauce of your account management techniques. you will scan a lot of concerning some styles of automation associate account can use here.

Wrap Up on Your AdWords Audit

This article was supposed to administer you a reasonably in-depth list of belongings you will check to assess the performances slash effectiveness of associate AdWords account. If you incomprehensible any of the points on this list, don’t worry. Like I discussed at the start, these accounts are advanced and there are various moving elements.

Remember to concentrate on the metrics and settings that matter–because ultimately, if you’re doing everything on this list, however, your campaigns are still not ROI positive, you’ll get to return to the planning stage and rethink your PPC strategy. At constant time, if you’re not doing everything on this list, however, are still ROI positive, you’re in fine condition and simply got to rescale and improve. In either case, if you’re yearning for facilitate, take care to fill out a comment section.


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Prem Rai

Prem Rai is Founder/CEO: Marketing Consultant From New Delhi, India. His blog about Digital Marketing Trends, Tips & Tricks. Know more about him visit about page.
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