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22 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Business Profile

22 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Business Profile

Obsessing over the way to get the foremost out of Twitter, though you aren’t Guy Kawasaki or Taco Bell?

Good news!

There are very little nevertheless important ways that to create your brand a shining star on Twitter while not breaking the bank.

What’s the large contend with Twitter?

One factor is for sure: if you’re wanting to check what’s happening in the world straight away, Twitter is that the go-to supply for the period and breaking news. The most mobile social network celebrated ten years of the hashtag with, what else, #Hashtag10.

If you were on Twitter within the pioneer days, you may keep in mind the #FF (or #FollowFriday) as the way to fulfil and introduce new users. Then, of course, came to #TBT or #ThrowBackThursday and therefore the rest is hashtag history. however, history repeats itself, and begin with the hashtag was also the start of 1 of the foremost powerful ways that to optimize.

Today Twitter boasts over 320 million monthly users and continues to fly high and low. due to some “presidential” treatments, Twitter is obtaining a lot of attention than ever from the media, journalists, and each the private and businessmen.

Need a Reason to air Twitter?

So many therefore coal networks so very little time, therefore why Twitter? Besides its period nature, the amount one reason is that if your audience is on Twitter, then your whole has to move and act on Twitter.

Journalists, bloggers, and influencers monitor Twitter for the brand, fan, and company story ideas. Happy and furious customers stormily flock to Twitter to voice opinions, concerns, and complaints.

Twitter is additionally a superb place to share your brand’s news content with an ROI that equates to referring traffic to your website or diary.

Bonus reason to move on Twitter: If you optimize your Twitter profile properly, your Twitter address will show au courant page one of Google search results.

More Than Character Count

While Twitter embarked on as a largely text platform confined to the one hundred forty characters or less stigma, nowadays it’s electronic messaging is prepackaged in additional than simply character counts. The social network comes adorned with the choices of adding visuals, videos, location, images, apps, GIFs, polls, tagging, and live-streaming. dead period.

So now could be an opportune time to require advantage of the increased activity and certify your Twitter profile is prepared for action!

Here are twenty-two recommendations on however you’ll be able to optimize Twitter’s varied parts.

  1. Algorithm

You are seeing what Twitter thinks you’d be most inquisitive about once checking your Twitter feed due to the newest algorithmic program update in March 2017.

This not solely includes accounts you decide on to follow however conjointly content Twitter matches up supported your account interactions.

The best thanks to leverage the algorithmic program is to bear in mind of temporal arrangement, location settings, relevant hashtags and use outstanding pictures, videos, GIFs, and polls. A lot of interaction and engagement you’ll be able to beat up, a lot of Twitter can favour your content.

  1. Bio

Your Twitter bio is your one probability of romance Twitter’s computer program and therefore the visits to your profile in a hundred and sixty characters or less. Use super relevant keywords and hashtags.

When considering that hashtags to use bear in mind that the hashtags you employ in your bio are clickable and will even be a distraction from your bio. If somebody will click through the hashtag be conscious you’re not driving them to your competitors if you’re mistreatment Associate in Nursing trade hashtag. stick to branded hashtags or ones wherever the professionals outweigh the cons.

Pro Tip

“Your bio ought to be compelling and alluring. Don’t be cutesy or funny. Your profile ought to paint your story in a hundred and sixty characters and encourage ME to need to be told a lot of concerning you,” aforementioned Madalyn Sklar, Twitter selling Specialist and host of #TwitterSmarter Podcast and chat.

  1. Profile Image

For business brands, use a version of your brand that’s simply recognizable and representative of your brand. admit colour, image size, and the way it’ll look from a mobile device.

  1. Header Image

Compare your header image to a magazine cowl. amendment it monthly to match your monthly editorial calendar.

Feature promotions or a visible that tells a story concerning what’s happening that month along with your brand. for instance,  your team, a fair, book launch, new product unharness, a featured story, or maybe exhausting during a vacation or special event.

Be sure to optimize all pictures by saving the image file name with branded keywords to extend probabilities of being found in a picture search.

  1. Website address

Here is wherever you’ll be able to move on the far side the everyday homepage link. admit some specific pages you wish to send your Twitter followers.

Since several journalists and bloggers use Twitter to supply stories, link to your company newsroom or diary. perhaps you wish them to transfer a free guide, buy your email list, or visit a landing page for Twitter users with a feed of your most well-liked tweets.

  1. Location

If you’re a neighbourhood business, fill out the part of your Twitter profile. this manner Twitter’s algorithmic program will match up your content with alternative domestically based mostly audience prospects.

  1. Open up Your Twitter DM

If you wish to create your brand a lot of approachable on Twitter and optimize your accessibility, take the privacy off your direct messages. however does one do this?

Go to the Twitter settings page and click on on the Privacy and Security tab. Scroll down the page, visit the direct message possibility, and check the “Receive Direct Messages from anyone.”

  1. Photos

Each profile features a media timeline showcasing the foremost recent GIFs, photos, and videos in written account order. Photos and videos are glorious opportunities to square come in the news feed and your timeline. Even more, visuals boost media relations improvement serving as bait to journalists and bloggers fishing Twitter for story ideas.

Pro Tip

Attach up to four photos to a Tweet and take the foremost of the visual realty accessible additionally to telling your brand story. Go one step more to maximise exposure and a focus by tagging the photos if it is sensible.

  1. Video

Twitter is video-friendly and makes it attainable to record videos straight from the app, transfer your own videos, or go live due to an optical instrument. maintaining with its period name brands are mistreatment the live video feature to report on the spot news and share experiences because it happens.

Keep in mind that recorded and uploaded videos are restricted to 2 minutes and twenty seconds, therefore, you may get to trim size if you exceed the limit.

Pro Tip

Explore the Twitter developer documentation for your website or diary and add Twitter’s Player Card to optimize your delivery of wealthy media shared on Twitter.

  1. Fastened Tweets

If your Twitter cowl image is sort of a magazine cowl, investigate the fastened tweet as your featured story. promise a Tweet to the highest of your profile is Associate in Nursing typically skipped nevertheless a valuable improvement feature.

Pro Tip

Think strategically once promise tweets by together with a powerful visual, a transparent decision to action, relevant keywords, strategic hashtags, and a link back to your website or diary for a lot of elaborate data. keep in mind for brand new users landing on your profile the primary factor they’re going to see in your Twitter stream is that the fastened tweet. build it sweet!

  1. Client Service Twitter Tools

Since 80% of client service requests a happen on Twitter, there’s a compelling reason why brands are leaning into optimizing client service with Twitter.

In the past year, brands will choose between client service tools together with direct message deep links, client survey electronic messaging, profile notifications signifying a brand’s latency, and conjointly whether or not the profile is that the correct username to produce support.

Social media and client service is such a significant trend Twitter printed a free 120-page client Service Playbook to coach brands on however and why to integrate Twitter into its client service strategy.

Pro Tip

If your Twitter account meshes for client service, make sure to feature that your bio and thinking about listing service hours.

  1. DM, Bots, and Custom electronic messaging

Twitter’s Direct Message feature is obtaining personal with bots with the launch of a Message Card to travel deeper with customers mistreatment fun and interesting bots.

  1. Hashtags

Studies show Tweets with hashtags get 2x a lot of engagement however once it involves the number of hashtags during a tweet less is a lot of. One to 2 hashtags recuperate results than 3 or a lot of, therefore it’s best to target the most effective. on the far side hashtag numbers, there’s a code of ethics and honour once mistreatment hashtags.

Best commerce author David Meerman Scott coined the term newsjacking bearing on the art and science of injecting ideas into breaking news.

The skyrocketing use of hashtags takes newsjacking to a full new level and Scott warns that hijacking a hashtag will backfire on a brand.

Pro Tip

Think twice concerning injecting your whole into a trending hashtag that involves death, politics, religion, or sex. whereas you may be making an attempt to optimize your Twitter reach with a trending hashtag, it might have a crash and burn impact leading to negative news coverage on your whole.

Check out these tools to analyze the most effective hashtags to match your news and messaging:

  • Hashtagify
  • RiteTag

Easy Tip

Participate in #followfriday


If you wish to draw in a high-quality following, it’s vital to move, aware, mindful, and generous on Twitter. Be:

  • Active on a usual and particularly follow relevant bloggers, journalists, and trade specialists.
  • Aware of your competition’s activity and trade hashtags.
  • Mindful of your keywords and messaging; hear your customers and whole conversations.
  • Generous in sharing other’s content, particularly the media.

A lot of you offer on Twitter, a lot of you’ll retreat to.

  1. Engagement

Being active on Twitter is over simply listening and spying on your competition. Engagement is essential and includes a method of sharing, acknowledging, and serving to others shine.

It’s vital to seek out your credible sources and optimize the method with a system in situ to seek out glorious content to share and build magnetic quality content that others can wish to share. raise queries and answer queries, the engagement can follow.

Use these options regular to urge “engagement” credit on Twitter:

  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Follows
  • Favorites
  • Links
  • Cards
  • Hashtags
  • Embedded media
  • Username
  • Profile Pic
  • Tweet growth
  1. Emojis

An emoji is valued 1,000 words, much. nowadays it’s virtually not possible to air social media while not mistreatment emojis.

With a 775% increase in emoji use for selling and a lot of, brands are finding the right emoji to match message moods. Expression, temperament, and feeling return to life with the utilization of emojis that optimizes our use of characters in ways in which words can’t describe.

Pro Tip

Consider using emojis as a part of your social client service electronic messaging. Acknowledging a cheerful client comment with an emoticon face humanizes the message over words will describe.

  1. Twitter Chats

If you’re making an attempt to be told, grow, connect, and obtain whole exposure, there’s presumably a Twitter chat watching for you.

Brands will begin their own chat employing a branded hashtag like #BufferChat. it’s treated similarly to a weekly programme on a zealous day and time weekly. you’ll be able to realize an inventory of trade Twitter chats here.

  1. Blog or website

Wouldn’t or not it’s nice if Twitter did a number of this work for you?

It’s attainable as long as you have got a number of the technical aspects created properly and build use of Twitter’s developer bells and whistles. Brands doing this realize that optimizing your owned online media is one amongst the best ways that to possess Twitter work for you.

If you answer no to any of those queries, it’s time to build up your Twitter priorities:

  1. Does one have Twitter cards created on your blog?
  2. Are the share buttons programmed to tag your brand’s Twitter handle and author handle?
  3. Does one have one thing like “Tweet this” or “Click to Tweet” to encourage Tweets and spoon feed digital bytes of excellent content for a lot of shares?
  4. Is it straightforward to seek out the share and follow buttons on your sites

Pro Tip

Weave in embedded tweets to components of your net and dairy content wherever it is sensible.

  1. Passwords

Growing your Twitter account is tough work that pays off. The worst factor that would happen is to possess your account hacked because of an absence of security once it involves passwords.

Pro Tip

Enable ballroom dance authentication

  1. Widgets

Add a Twitter device to your website with a particular #hashtag and use that hashtag after you wish those tweets shown on your website or diary.

  1. Twitter Lists

Creating a Twitter list or being enclosed during a Twitter list will each optimize your expertise by saving time and your exposure by “getting listed.” for instance, I created a Twitter list of all the guest speakers to create it straightforward for college students in one amongst my categories to access and follow all in one place.

Pro Tip

Create a non-public Twitter List for competition, therefore, you’ll be able to simply keep an eye fixed out of what’s happening!

  1. Instagram

Easy thanks to adding visuals to your Twitter stream is sound into to your Instagram feed. By mistreatment IFTTT’s application (formally called recipes) you’ll be able to automatize to tweet you Instagrams as native pictures on Twitter.

Where Will It Stop once It involves Twitter Optimization?

“Do a Twitter profile audit every three months. Your profile may be a reflection of you and your business. It’s vital to possess it stand out and grab attention. Check it frequently,” consistent with Sklar.

Twitter improvement Signs of Success

Measuring what matters on Twitter is that the best thanks to tracking if your improvement techniques are operating for you. Benchmark your efforts mistreatment Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, and/or third-party platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite, or SproutSocial.

Given today’s Twitter climate, the forecast is bright for brands with an eye fixed on the insufficient details of dedication, inspiration, and especially improvement for large results.


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Prem Rai

Prem Rai is Founder/CEO: Marketing Consultant From New Delhi, India. His blog about Digital Marketing Trends, Tips & Tricks. Know more about him visit about page.
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